History 历史

The business that would become Celina Tent began as a small hardware store in the 1922, evolving into a tent rental company by 1996 that served the small town of Celina, Ohio and the surrounding areas. Finding consistent quality product became a forefront issue, culminating if the development of a manufacturing division that was able to product the styles and quality of event tents that would serve a rental industry well. As a niche that needed to be filled, Celina sold off the rental business and moved into the manufacturing of quality fabrics from then on.


With a web presence to promote our products since the year 2000, Celina continues to improve and grow in our manufacturing capabilities. With our e-commerce site launch in 2002, Celina grew enough to launch a China-based manufacturing facility in 2011, along with Customer Support Services developing in the Philippines and the opening of the European Distribution Center in 2017.


Celina Tent Taicang, Co. Ltd. is 100% owned and operated by Celina Tent, Inc., and is dedicated to the continued production and development of our most popular lines of event tent tops. Products create at the Taicang Facility are shipped worldwide to customers who continue to delight in our enduring guarantee of quality and economical fabric products.

作为瑟衲帐篷中国生产基地,瑟衲帐篷太仓有限公司是美国瑟衲公司(Celina Tent, Inc.)的全资子公司,太仓工厂致力于持续开发和生产最受欢迎的商用帐篷产品。太仓工厂生产的产品被发往全世界,将持续满足全世界客户对于产品高品质性和产品经济性的双重要求。