The Process 流程

As a supplier of tents and fabric products, our main business strategy hinges on two aspects: distribution and manufacturing.


Dealing with manufacturing, Celina uses all of its resources to ensure that new designs and improvements on existing products are the more efficient to produce, economical to sell, and the highest quality to keep our customers happy. With advanced CAD (Computer Assisted Drawing) software combined with CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) cutting centers, we’re able to not only quickly create our products but to cheaply develop new ideas.


Product distribution, the reselling of pre-existing items, allows us to become a single-stop vendor for all types of event equipment. Combining lighting and seating with the standard array of tent styles gives us the chance to offer so much more to customers – whether they are stocking an event center of simply outfitting a small gathering.


With the combined forces of distribution and manufacturing, our customers can get the best array of quality items for the most economical pricing.