Internationally known manufacturer of fabric structures, fabric industrial products, and event accessories.

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Celina Tent TAICANG


About Us 关于我们

Celina Tent is a world leader in manufacturing engineered fabric products and distributing event equipment

瑟衲帐篷公司(Celina Tent)是世界领先的面料产品制造商和大型活动装备分销商

Products 产品

Products include housing shelters, like our military and humanitarian tents, commercial party and event tents, and decontamination systems.


People 员工

Celina understands the pressures of balancing work with life at home. We strive to provide an agreeable work atmosphere, with pleasant employees contributing to the overall positive atmosphere.


Process 流程

Our company both manufactures and sells our products to maintain a quality product while streamlining production times and costs.